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KASTOhbs 2 - Edition „More Economy“

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Available within 6 months.

Fully Hydraulic Feed Control Power Hacksaw.

Only here in the KASTOshop: Brand new, directly from the manufacturer, with original KASTO service, at the best price!

Fully hydraulic feed control, two cutting speeds by pole-reversible motor, infinitely adjustable cutting pressure, lifting movement in the idle stroke, lifting movement independent from cutting pressure, saw bow guides which cover an extremely large area, miter cuts from 0 – 45°, adjustable at a scale, pendulum vice for maximum utilization of the saw blade, coolant device - capacity 16 l/min, push-button for "on" and "off" functions, automatic switch off after finished cut.


Equipment details and scope of supply

        Scope of Supply

        • KASTOhbs 2 including the described standard equipment
        • 2 hexagon keys
        • 1 KASTO-Saw blade
        • Operating instructions manual according to the EU Machinery Directive and EN 82079

        We will be pleased to advise you individually if you require equipment which is not sold through the KASTOshop.


        Technical Data

        Cutting range

        Cutting range 90° round 250 mm
        Cutting range 90° flat (W x H) 280 x 180 mm
        Cutting range 90° square 230 x 230 mm
        Cutting range + 45° round 180 mm
        Cutting range + 45° flat (W x H) 170 x 200 mm
        Cutting range + 45° flat (W x H) 155 x 235 mm
        Cutting range + 45° square 170 x 170 mm

        Dimensions and weight

        Length x Width
        1435 x 564 mm
        Height, saw head lowered position 949 mm
        Height, saw head in highest position 1261 mm
        Material support height 500 mm
        Total weight 215 kg

        Performance characteristics

        Total power 2.0 kW
        Saw motor, power 0.8/1.0 kW
        Average cutting speed 16/32 m/min
        Stroke speed 62/125 m/min
        Dimension of saw blade: 450 x 40 x 2.0 mm


        More Details

        Bases of the quotation

        Mains voltage: In accordance with EN 60204; 400 V three-phase current (-10 %, +6 %); Control voltage 24 V-DC

        Mains frequency: 50 Hz (-1 %, +1 %; transient –2 %, +2 %)

        Type of mains: TN mains according to IEC 364/VDE 0100

        The power is supplied from the mains to the switching cabinets including advance fusing by the customer. The position of the switch cabinet is to be seen from the lay-out.

        Protective measures against indirect contact: Over-current protector (zero balancing). The mains supply of the operator (size and characteris-tic of the main fuse selected as well as the total imped-ance of PE and outer conductor in the supply line to the machine) has to be designed in such a way that the per-missible shutdown time in the event of an error is not exceeded. The use of a differential current switch in the mains in-coming supply is not permitted.

        Safety requirements: The offered machine corresponds with the valid safety requirements according to the machinery directive 2006/42/EG

        Subject to the individual conditions of use and to the in-stallation site, additional equipment such as fences, safety light beams and barriers in the area of material supply and cut-off removal may be necessary. Possibly, such additional equipments are not included in our scope of supply and must therefore be procured by the buyer.

        Delivery terms: Possibly valid company’s own operating material regula-tions have not been taken into consideration when work-ing out the offer, unless they are specifically mentioned in the quotation. The machine will be equipped with proven components selected by KASTO. If you insist on the ob-servance of your operating material regulations we kindly ask you to make these regulations available to us for working out the appropriate offer. After placing the order, any specifications can no longer be considered. This is also valid for so called fire protection regulations.

        Cutting accuracy: On perfect conditions with perfect tools the deviation of cut is within ±0.1 mm per 100 mm cutting height with standard steel qualities. For material with a perfect geo-metric surface an accuracy of length of cut-off pieces in accordance with ISO 2768-1, degree of accuracy fine is achievable with individual bars and cut-off pieces longer 6 mm. When using uneven, twisted or burred initial ma-terial, the achievement of the mentioned cutting accura-cies is restricted. The tolerance of length of cut-off pieces is valid for machines with automatic material feed.


        This sawing machine is particularly suitable for normally machinable structural steels and aluminum in round, flat and square form. Materials that are difficult to machine and plastics are only suitable to a limited extent. Occasional use in single-shift workshop operation is envisaged. The specified cutting ranges and performance characteristics must be observed. The use of uneven, twisted or burred starting material can severely impair the cutting accuracy. For more detailed information on the correct use of the machine, please refer to the operating instructions. Disregarding this area of application and/or General Terms and Conditions can lead to the warranty claims becoming void.