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KASTOmicut E 4.6 - Edition „More Efficiency“

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Manual swiveling frame bandsaw

Only here in the KASTOshop: Brand new, directly from the manufacturer, with original KASTO service, at the best price!

Universal bandsawing machine of very robust construction, designed to perform any cutting-to-length or mitre cutting tasks (0°/+60°) mainly in the case of beams, tubes and profiles (included optional equipment: a coolant system for cutting of solid material in straight cuts with emulsion cooling) in workshops. The infinitely adjustable cutting speed and the infinitely adjustable cutting feed allow a sensitive and blade-saving cutting.

Included equipment

  • Machine Base
  • Saw Unit (Saw Frame)
  • Inclined Saw Head
  • Saw Blade Guide
  • Saw Blade Tension
  • Swarf Removal at Saw Blade
  • Material Clamping (Machine Vice)
  • Material Support (Cutting Rail)
  •  Mitre Cutting without Length Correction
  • Feed Control
  • Micro-Spray Lubrication System
  • Operation
  • Mitre Adjustment

Included optional equipment

  • Linear laser
  • Coolant system 

      Scope of Supply

      • KASTOmicut E 4.6 including the described standard and optional equipment
      • Bi-metal saw blade
      • Glue anchors to dowel the machine
      • Operationg instruction manual according to the EU Machinery Directive and EN 82079

      We will be pleased to advise you individually if you require equipment which is not sold through the KASTOshop.


      Technical Data

      Cutting range

      Cutting range 90° round (⚫/⚪)
      160 / 335 mm
      Cutting range 90° flat (W x H) (⬜)
      460 x 335 mm
      Cutting range 90° square (⬛)
      160 x 160 mm
      Cutting range 90° square (⬜) 335 x 335 mm
      Cutting range  45° round (⚪)  320 mm
      Cutting range  + 45° flat (W x H) (⬜)  280 x 335 mm
      Cutting range  + 45° square (⬜)  300 x 300 mm
      Cutting range  + 60° round (⚪)         210 mm
      Cutting range  + 60° flat (W x H) (⬜)  180 x 335 mm
      Cutting range  + 60° square (⬜)  200 x 200 mm
      Shortest remnant length  30 mm
      Smallest diameter to be cut  10 mm

      Dimensions and weight

      Length x Width
      855 x 2220 mm
      Height, saw head lowered position
      1240 mm
      Height, saw head in highest position  1950 mm
      Material support height 700 mm
      Total weight 755 kg

      Performance characteristics

      Total power

      2.0 kW

      Saw motor, power 1.5 kW
      Cutting speed 20 – 110 m/min
      Dimensions of saw blade:  3830 x 27 x 0.9 mm
      Saw blade guides:

      roller guide and back roller, replaceable

      Material clamping: mechanical
      Cutting feed: hydraulic, infinitely variable
      Saw blade tension: mechanical
      Saw blade cleaning: by synchronously running, easily replaceable wire brush
      Micro-spray lubrication system:

      Filling 1 l, incl. 3 l spray coolant, working pressure at least 5 bar.


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